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Our team is ready to help your chapter achieve its campus dining goals. Campus Cooks provides professional, healthy, and customized food service management for fraternities and sororities, and has been doing so successfully since 1995.

Put your meal regimen into hands you can trust. Our incredible team of chefs and food management experts can help you create a menu worth writing home about. While we have a standard menu to get your started, all meals can be customized based on the needs of your chapter.

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A great food program provides your fraternity or sorority with the energy needed for a day of classes and studying. We provide you with a kitchen that caters to your health. 


At the completion of the sales process, the Regional Supervisor assigned to the new chapter will meet with you to discuss the chef qualities that would make a perfect fit for your house. 

Mobile App

College life is hectic enough without having to worry about food. We have developed an app that makes it much easier for members of the house to communicate with the kitchen team.

Case Studies

Staying on Budget

Staying on budget is one of the most important factors when deciding on a food service company.

Improving Quality

Campus Cooks’ team of chefs are never satisfied with serving the same few meals to their houses.

Peace of Mind

Prevention and consistent safety practices are the keys to running a successful kitchen.


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